Saturday, March 10, 2007

How to Lose Weight Easily Without much of Dieting!

Eat less! Less Frequently!
Reduce your obesity spiritually!

We have been telling about reducing your body weight
through certain spiritual methods:


Meditation is bringing your mind to alpha level. That means bringing your normal active brain of 21 cycles per second pulse rate to a level of subconscious state of about 10 cycles per second.

Alpha mind:

This is the state when your sub conscious mind can register your positive affirmations willingly. You can make your mind to register your commitments in this super conscious level, so that it will make you achieve your goal by step by step logical process.

The Spiritual way:

“You need to close your eyes and take deep breaths at least five times. Make a mental tour of going into natural places like green farm lands, rivers beds, forests, water falls, sea shores etc. leisurely.

This will calm down your active state of mind. Watch only your breathing in and out movements that will lead you to the state of alpha mind. Now, you will take positive affirmations about your new slow eating process.”

Positive affirmations:

“You commit yourself to take less food, less frequently. You will postpone eating when ever you wish to eat. You will eat only small select foods with low calories. You will do simple exercises that keep your body fit.” You make these positive affirmations in your own words. Repeat them daily three or four times to make it a concrete commitment.

Your commitment to your sub conscious mind will make you to work towards the goal of reducing your obesity sincerely.

This is a spiritual process going to help you to reduce your body weight with the help of commitments of your inner subconscious mind.

Friday, November 10, 2006

How To Reduce Your Obesity?

How to Reduce your Obesity?
You will become slender with the help of hypnotherapy.
Pleasant Atmosphere:

It was about 11 o’ clock in the morning. I was driving on a village road in the southern part of India.

The weather was pleasant and I was looking at the revolving green paddy fields. There are neem trees here and there on the green plateau. The blowing wind with musical hissing noise was nice to hear. If you were there, you could have enjoyed a beautiful scene.
Baby Enjoys Breeze:

A little baby was just lying on a spread of a cloth, on the green grassland. She was hungry and crying for milk.The young mother working in the rice field rushes and takes hold of her baby, brings close to her heart. She breast feeds a little milk she had to the young baby. The baby enjoys the breeze and senses her mother’s heart beats also.

She puts the baby immediately in a cradle made of a long cloth, tied down from the tree. The hanging cradle was made to swing by hands. Besides, the woman started singing a melody with a humming. Really it was nice to hear and feel the rhythm, mesmerizing the baby. The child has gone into a deep sleep instantly.

Break The Monotony:

The village woman just goes to attend her field work again.She comes back after finishing her work to see the baby just playing in the cradle with smiles. The baby laughs at the rhythmic sound the mother makes with a twist of her tongue and vocal cord!

Get Away From Problems!:

I know you want to be like a baby without worries! In city life, you have got a lot of problems, small and big; a variety of challenges to face, domestic or business; the disturbing factor is your heaviness and thinking always about the corpulence. You find it difficult to get a good sleep even in the night. I know you badly need it!

Get Rid Off The Fats!!:

I know about your present worry. You want to get rid of your excess fat from your stout body so that you can get rid of all other related worries. You will be the happiest person on earth if you can instantly go to sleep and get rid of your worries!

I shall tell you after sometime, how to get away the plumpness and go into instant sleep daily! Until recently, there has been scant scientific evidence to support the legitimate claims of respected hypnotherapists. But of late, the proof of pudding has come to light in a bigger way and it is in the hands of our clients.

Loose Double:

Many a psychotherapy clients who learned self hypnosis lost weight twice as much as those who didn’t. Hypnotherapy has remained a well-kept weight loss secret. Now, we at our hypno lab,we provide all the necessary self hypnosis training and hypnotherapy exercises and help the clients to bring themselves towards slenderness.

You will happily buy smaller sized shirts and pants in a period of time!
Believe it. You will see it.
Hypnotherapy Brings The Result:

I shall show you how you can reduce your body weight in a few more days with out any sophisticated programs. In higher level complex cases, the weight loss program could be successfully completed with the help of self hypnosis training. You will hold over your hungry like the baby! You will change the preferences to the planned way.

Be Happy Like A Child:

Then, every day you will feel the happiness of a child. Enjoy the life of a grown up! I will make you learn the techniques of self hypnosis. You will start adopting these concepts by yourself for getting cured, pain removed; weight reduced, and live a life with health, wealth and happiness!